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Welcome to our Wildcat Gym!
The Ponderosa gym is a special place to be.
Our Gym PAWS:
  • Participate and HAVE FUN!
  • Always follow the rules and play safe
  • Work hard and get healthy
  • Sportsmanship
Meet your Health & Fitness teacher, Ms. Murray
Mrs. Murray has been teaching for 13.5 awesome years. She enjoys running, reading, sewing, and playing many games with our Ponderosa students! Mrs. Murray is a mother of 3 adult children, grandmother to 3 wonderful grand-daughters, and a dog mom to 3 golden retrievers!
Please play, play, PLAY with your kids! Some games that they may have already learned are:
Crazy Frog
Rock/Paper/Scissors Tag
Bean Bag Tag
Would You Rather
Gym Schedule by Class Code (2022-2023)
Monday: 1T, 1M, 1H, 2G, 2C, 4G, 4S, 5Car, 5R, SSly
Tuesday: KL, KM, 1F, 1H, 3F, 3Su, 4S, 4C, SSta
Wednesday: KB, KM, 1T, 2R, 2C, 5R, 5Col, STes
Thursday: KL, KB, 2R, 2G, 3D, 3Su, SSly
Friday: 1F, 1M, 3D, 3F, 4C, 4G, 5Col, 5Car, STes, SSta
Teacher-Health & Fitness:
Dana Murray
Please wear appropriate closed toe shoes. Sandals, Slippers, Slides, shoes with heels, and Crocs are unsafe to play in. Mrs. Murray has shoes to borrow, but wearing their own shoes is best! 
Ponderosa Gym Wishlist:
  • Gator Skin balls